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bb cream power perfection

Ưu điểm:
-Long lasting BB cream. It stays for 8-9 hours without touch-up (but with blotting of course. Your face will get a bit oily after 3-4 hours).
-Coverage level is medium. It does cover most of pimples and spots, but for the ones which are very red or dark, still, not really…
-Strong viability. Even when you blot, it stays on your face and will not leave stain or dirt on your paper or tissue. Well, maybe a little yes, but a very small amount.
Nhược điểm:
-Its texture is a little sticky.
-Too dewey. If you don’t use any powder, your face will get oily in no time.
-It’s kinda thick, and the shades are pale. If you are a Korean which have a pale looking skin, this might be one of the best for you. But if you have a yellow-toned or darker skin, you have to be extra careful not to put on too much of the product or else it will make you look ghostly white.
-Hard to spread.
-Since it is indeed a long lasting BB cream, it is hard to remove or clean this BB cream from your face. I mean it. Clean your face twice if necessary.
-I don’t know whether this is caused by the BB cream’s thickness or its formula, but pimples and acnes started to grow like a virus on my face after using this for 1 month.
Tóm lại:
I choose “yes” for the repurchase options since it is the best BB cream I’ve ever tried so far, though it’s still causing acnes. I will try BRTC Blemish Recover Balm after this, but if that product will not solve my acne prone skin problem, I will definitely repurchase Face Shop Power Perfection again.

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